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Learning to be safe

We learn best throughout our lives (not just in childhood) by discovery, observation, experience, creation, modeling, imitation, feeling, relationships, community, and play (trial and error). These are the best methods to help people learn safety. (From Dr. Rob Long)

At the Ted Berry Company we are all passionate about safety and keeping each other safe, but why is it sometimes so hard to learn how to think safely and then in turn act safely? In our weekly Friday training classes this winter we have discovered that when we are interactive and all participants are actively involved the amount of learning and sharing that takes place greatly exceeds that of a “typical” training where a speaker speaks and the attendees are expected to learn from their teachings.

Safety training most often trains people to think that safety is all about a regulations and in reality safety and safety training is all about people. If our project supervisors and company leaders can learn about learning, motivation, perception, influence, knowledge development and inspiration in their safety training, they discover pretty quickly that getting the results we desire requires interaction, commitment, and a human element that is not often found in a safety training curriculum.

Our next Safety Training is scheduled for Friday March 14th and is on Work Zone Safety with the MDOT, get involved you may be amazed what you can learn.

Matt Timberlake

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