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Slip Lining


The Problem

As municipal water mains age and deteriorate they fail causing loss of service and property damage, they lose hydraulic capacity due to mineral buildup inside the pipe causing poor flows and reduced fire protection, and result in poor water quality.



Sliplining is a trenchless renewal process that installs a new pipe of a slightly smaller diameter inside an existing pipe and grouting it in place without the need to excavate a trench.


A coastal Maine water system operator recently needed a 2,000lf section of 4” Cast Iron water main replaced. As an alternative to open cut construction the Ted Berry team developed a plan to slip line the existing  4” CI pipe with a new 3” HDPE pipe for the entire 2,000lf section by excavating two small pits measuring only 4’ wide x 8’ long and installing the new pipe in one continuous section. This increased flow and pressure to the area, greatly improved water quality, eliminated the reoccurring breaks on the street and reduced cost significantly over alternative construction methods.