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Intersection Safety

In the United States, over the last several years an average of 21% of the fatalities and roughly 50% of the serious injuries associated with vehicle accidents has been attributed to intersections. The Ted Berry Company crews operate throughout New England and travel daily through many conditions including highway, urban, and rural roadways and one of the areas that diligence and driver safety is at a premium is through intersections. The following tips can help keep you, your coworkers, and the general public safe and reduce the risk of an accident.

  1. Scan the intersection and be aware of every vehicle, pedestrian, and other hazards.
  2. Always come to a complete stop at intersections with a stop signal or stop sign.
  3. Always allow the intersection to “clear” before proceeding through when a signal light turns green. Wait 2 seconds and look in all directions before proceeding.
  4. Never creep out into traffic or attempt to time the light.
  5. Always come to a slow stop at a light turning yellow. Never attempt to beat the light.
  6. When you pass through an intersection “hood” your brakes. Hooding means taking your foot off the accelerator and covering the brake without applying pressure.

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