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Storm Drainage

Sectional CIPP Point Repair


The Problem:

Our vast storm drainage systems are failing at an alarming rate in New England. Many structural defects found in a storm drain or culvert line are localized and are in need of immediate repair however are costly to excavate and repair by traditional means. These defects include breaks, holes, cracks, fractures, joint defects, and can lead to sinkholes, road closures, and environmental noncompliance caused by roadway erosion.



The Ted Berry Company trenchless CIPP sectional point repair system is a NO-DIG process where a structural liner is installed in an existing pipe to repair a defect without the need to excavate or repair the entire line. The CIPP point repair system uses a liner impregnated with a thermal setting resin which is expanded and cured to form a tight fitting liner within the existing pipe, the CIPP process incorporates the existing pipe into the finished product to produce improved performance to the original pipe and a long term structural solution.