UV CIPP | Ted Berry Company | Livermore, Maine



The Problem

Capital investments needed for the nation’s wastewater and stormwater systems are estimated to total $298 billion over the next 20 years according to the ASCE report card. Failing sanitary sewer systems result in SSO’s (Sanitary Sewer Overflows), contaminated waterways, disruption to commerce and residents and are costly to repair.



Ted Berry Company is helping communities structurally renew aging sewer systems while protecting them against future corrosion and deterioration by rehabilitating using UV CIPP in pipe sizes ranging from 6” to 54”.


The York Sewer District recently needed a low impact solution to rehabilitating a deteriorated 12” sewer line under the town baseball field. The Ted Berry Company performed the trenchless rehabilitation utilizing UV CIPP materials without the need to excavate and with no impact to the property it crossed.