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Industrial Services

Pipe Cleaning
High pressure water is a powerful cleaning tool and can keep your plant running the way it is designed to. Ted Berry Company's hydroblasting and vacuum service is able to remove the toughest deposits and blockages. Many jobs require creative solutions and the Ted Berry Team will work with you to find the answer to your problem. You will get our years of experience and the tools at our disposal for a safe and cost effective cleaning solution.
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Pipe Inspection
The Ted Berry team has the experience and equipment to develop, plan, and execute critical path pipe isolation, flow control, cleaning, and inspection by robotic CCTV of pipes of any size and complexity.
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The Ted Berry Team can provide safe, effective, non-mechanical excavation by use of vacuum excavation which can expose critical pipes without threat of damaging them with mechanical equipment like and excavator bucket or shovel. This precise excavation is a part of many industrial facilities best practices.
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Vacuum Services
The Ted Berry Company can safely and efficiently remove materials wet or dry from tanks, silos, boilers, pipes, construction sites, pumping stations, and other industrial structures. Our teams perform industrial vacuum services 24 hours a day 365 days a year and can respond rapidly to your planned or unplanned event.
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HDPE Fusion and Fabrication
Ted Berry Company can fabricate HDPE pipe to meet the demands of complex scenarios in ranges from 2” to 36” with highly competent and trained personnel.
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