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Slip Lining

The Problem

As the buried infrastructure in New England ages an increasing importance is being placed on environmental compliance and water quality. Solutions are needed that can rehabilitate and replace aging sewers that were designed to be “self-flushing” as combined sewer systems and are now oversized for current demands.


The Ted Berry Company can help design and build sliplining solutions for sewers ranging from small diameter (8”-24”) to large diameter (30”-120”) utilizing various materials and techniques that can reduce the need to excavate a trench as well as lower total construction costs by minimizing risk, managing flows and by-pass, and maximizing the existing pipe ID.


One New England city needed a plan developed and executed on short notice as a CSO project that consisted of installing a new sanitary sewer being excavated along an existing 66” RCP pipe discovered that the 66” pipe had faulty joints and would need to be rehabilitated quickly. The Ted Berry Team developed an approach to slip line with “live flow” conditions reducing the need and risk associated with a full by-pass with a segmental pipe and grout in place, the plan was developed, procured, and executed in only days meeting the owner’s budget and expectations. Read the case study for more details.